The Global Women’s Project is a non-profit organisation based in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to creating a world where women can determine their own lives, and live free from poverty, discrimination, violence and inequality.

We exist to support women who are leading change ~ for themselves, for their families, for other women, for their communities and for gender equality. And because we’re committed to creating tangible change for women, we’re also committed to doing things a little differently.

We combine our feminist values of social justice, solidarity and compassion with our enthusiasm for technology, business principles and continuous learning. This allows us to be agile, disruptive and responsive when it comes to creating change for gender equality and women’s empowerment.

To achieve our vision of a gender equal world, we partner with local women-led organisations that are already raising the status of women in their communities. Their ideas, programs and aspirations drive our work ~ not the other way round.

We provide support to our grassroots partners in two fundamental, and equally important, ways:

Delivering programs for women: We work alongside our partners to identify opportunities and to develop education, livelihood and leadership programs that help lift women and their families out of poverty. Then, we raise the funds to make these programs happen. From learning to repair mobile phones or training in organic farming practices, to apprenticing as electricians or becoming textile designers; when women gain the skills, resources and support they need to take control of their own lives, entire communities benefit.

Operational support: Our partners know what their communities need better than we ever could, and they have remarkable track records transforming the lives of local women. Our role is to offer support that builds on their knowledge and capabilities in order to increase their impact and sustainability. We work closely with them to identify gaps and inefficiencies in their operations, help improve their processes and systems, and we share skills and tools so that they can create change more efficiently and effectively. By working in this way, we ensure that our support is relevant and useful and leaves power firmly in their hands.

We want to see equality in our lifetimes. By supporting grassroots women’s organisations and programs aimed at improving the status of women, we create the change we want to see together, from the ground up.

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The Global Women’s Project believes every woman should be able to determine her own life. We give women across the developing world the tools they need to build better lives for themselves. The Global Women’s Project is a DGR accredited non-profit organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

ABN: 38 921 975 017

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