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The Women’s Foundation Nepal is a grassroots women’s organisation that delivers programs designed to empower women, their families and communities.
Based in Kathmandu and with offices in rural districts across Nepal, The Women’s Foundation was founded in 1988 by a group of young Nepali women including current President Renu Sharma. They were frustrated by the status of women’s rights in Nepal, so founded an organisation devoted to providing free legal support to women who were survivors of violence, trafficking and slavery.
The Women’s Foundation Nepal has since evolved into an organisation with thousands of members and a huge range of activities aimed at improving the status of women.
Activities include vocational education and business development programs, microcredit schemes, leadership training, scholarships, legal and psychosocial services, advocacy and lobbying for gender equality, and community-wide rights awareness initiatives.
The Women’s Foundation Nepal also operates three shelters for survivors of domestic violence and their children as well as a childcare centre which not only educates young children but gives their mothers time to work and attend training sessions. They also founded a school that models non-violent teaching methods, a weaving cooperative and onsite production centre, and a small commercial organic farm.

Our support

Our support for The Women’s Foundation Nepal, as with all our grassroots partners, is tailored to meet their needs.
We currently divide our support between vocational education and livelihood programs for women and much-needed ongoing earthquake relief.

Earthquake response

When disaster struck in April 2015, Nepali women and their families were in desperate need of shelter, clothing, food, water and medical supplies. And our global community responded.
As a direct result of your support, we were able to reach more than 65,000 Nepali people. As we were already on the ground, we were able to respond quickly and effectively, accounting for the disproportionate impact of natural disaster on women. We distributed 100% of your donations and bought supplies from local producers to keep the local economy going.
As a women-­focused organisation, our efforts to provide relief and assistance focused on responding to the disproportionate and ​specific ​ways that women are affected during natural disasters. For more information on the impact of gender during natural disaster, see our op-ed in Daily Life.


We provided menstruating, pregnant and breastfeeding women with support including sanitary items and clean water. In addition, we supported the operation of a Shelter, which provided up to two months holistic shelter and care for 200 pregnant women and new mothers displaced by the earthquakes.
We remain committed to supporting women to take on active roles in efforts to rebuild their communities following the disaster. One year on, you can support a Nepali woman to rebuild her life with an investment of just $200. Click here for more information.
Thank you for your support over this past year. Together we have made a big difference to the lives of Nepali women and their families.




Women’s Foundation Nepal Shelter Home, Kathmandu








Participants of our Light the Spark program with Global Women's Project CEO Briony Mackenzie

Participants of our Light the Spark program with Global Women’s Project CEO Briony Mackenzie







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