Women, the world over, experience alarming violations of their human rights.

1 in 3 women have experienced violence mostly at the hands of a current or former partner [UN Women, 2015]
830 women die every single day from preventable complications during pregnancy and childbirth [World Health Organisation, 2015]
Only 20 per cent of landowners globally are women, yet women make up 43 per cent of the agricultural workforce [UN Food & Agriculture Organisation, 2011].
700 million women alive today were married before the age of 18 and a third of them before the age of 15 [UNICEF, 2014].
Women account for two thirds of the world’s illiterate adults [UN, 2015].
Women comprise 98 percent of the estimated 4.5 million people forced into sexual exploitation [ILO, 2012].
Women continue to be paid less for equal work with women being paid, on average globally, 24% less than men [World Bank, 2014].
Globally women are not represented equally in leadership and management positions meaning decisions are too frequently made for women and not by women.
Each of these statistics represents an actual woman, a woman with dreams and hopes and rights. We also know that women with disabilities, older women, women who identify as LGBTIQ, women from minority castes, working class women and women of colour experience further discrimination and disadvantage at the intersection of gender and other identities.
However, it’s not all doom and gloom. We can turn this around, with your support.

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The Global Women’s Project believes every woman should be able to determine her own life. We give women across the developing world the tools they need to build better lives for themselves. The Global Women’s Project is a DGR accredited non-profit organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

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