Transformative and lasting social change is slow and complex. It requires a deep and nuanced understanding of the community, its unique challenges, strengths and a whole lotta resourcing.

That’s why our model centres on working in partnership with grassroots women’s organisations in developing and disadvantaged communities. These organisations know their communities and cultures better than we ever will.

Take our Nepalese partner for example. The Women’s Foundation Nepal was established back in 1988 when founder and current President, Renu Sharma, was just 15 years old. That’s decades of experience working closely with local women and their communities. Meet Renu and hear more about her work here.
But our partners face their own challenges: access to new technologies, insecure funding environments, political instability, natural disaster and ways to communicate their message and impact, to name a few.
Without adequate resources to make their vision for equality a reality, they cannot fully support women and their communities to prosper.
That’s where we come in.
We support our partners to do their already wonderful work more efficiently, effectively and on a bigger scale. We provide funding, access to our global networks, and a range of technical support both remotely and in-country to amplify their impact.
Working in this way, it’s crucial that decision-making power, resources and autonomy over programs remains firmly in the hands of our partners. They should dictate what their needs and priorities are, not us.  
However, we know, as do our partners, that it’s not always possible to solve community challenges from inside the community. So we provide them with the support they want.
That’s our role.
Find out what role you can play here and how you can be part of the global movement for gender equality here.

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The Global Women’s Project believes every woman should be able to determine her own life. We give women across the developing world the tools they need to build better lives for themselves. The Global Women’s Project is a DGR accredited non-profit organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

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