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What a year 2017 has been!

Just this year alone we’ve supported 622 women in Nepal, and 182 women and girls in Cambodia, with the skills, information, business resources and support networks they need to create lasting change for themselves and their families.


In Nepal, we have supported 622 women with membership to one of our three Women’s Hubs. Members have received business loans, learnt about how to vote in the local elections, undertaken training on gender awareness and creating inclusive societies, participated in organic agriculture training, undertaken legal rights and awareness training, and many have commenced the criminal justice process for gender-based violence and property rights violations with the support of Women’s Hubs staff.


In Cambodia, over 180 women and girls have enrolled in a brand new computer and English lab for women and girls, and are now learning the skills they need to take advantage of a growing local tourist economy. We opened the lab in August and will reach 500 women and girls over 3 years.

Since 2013

Over the course of four years, we have supported 1014 individual women with the tools they need to build better lives. We have supported over 65,000 additional Nepalis in the months and years following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, including 178 pregnant women, new mothers and their newborn babies.



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The Global Women’s Project believes every woman should be able to determine her own life. We give women across the developing world the tools they need to build better lives for themselves. The Global Women’s Project is a DGR accredited non-profit organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

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