Huge announcement! We’ve just launched a brand new program!!

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Guess what?!

We just opened a brand new computer and English lab for women in Cambodia!

Do you remember when you first went online? I can, but only just. That sense of amazement (and the ten minute wait!) at the sound of a modem firing up. Suddenly, all my friends – the whole world – was at my fingertips. Suddenly anything was possible!!

Today, it’s everywhere. I can’t imagine a life without the internet now and I’m willing to bet it’s the same for you. How would you win an argument at a bar with friends? Pay your bills? Find a job? We’re so saturated with the internet that it’s easy to forget how radically it’s changed our lives.

But it’s not just here in Australia. The internet is vital for women in developing nations, and we’re getting on the front foot.

How are these for some astounding facts? Today, 3.9 billion people still don’t have access to the internet. Only 15.2% of those in less developed countries are online. More than 250 million fewer women worldwide are online than men and the internet gender gap in developing countries has increased to 16.8% since 2013!

Digital illiteracy is having a huge impact across the developing world, on a country’s overall development, and on women’s ability to build better lives for themselves. On their ability to access information. On their participation in the economy and employment prospects. Their social and political participation. Their fundamental connectedness.

So with tourism on the rise in the Stung Treng region, we’re making sure that local women are prepared with the skills and resources they need to take advantage of job opportunities as they arise – computer and English language skills.

We’ve committed to funding this project for the next three years and we’re so excited to have you along for the ride!!

You can stay in touch with us via this mailing list, or join us on social media. And if you feel inclined to donate, we are always incredibly grateful.

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